The Biggest Sale Of The Year | SAMPLE SALE 2019

It's time again! Our famous SAMPLE SALE is this Saturday, at our store in San Antonio Texas. If you haven't heard, this is the event not to miss! We do it twice a year, and ya'll - it's totally worth it! We've shipped in THOUSANDS of goodies - our favorite Caden Lane accessories, and the cutest clothes you've ever seen - for boy and girl! Remember, we open early - and the line starts even sooner! So grab your bestie, and make it a day - Sample Sale weekend is here!

Here's the important stuff:

Where is the sale? @ Nursery Couture, 434 North Loop 1604 West #1104, San Antonio, TX 78232

What time should I get there? When do you open? We open the doors at 9am, but there's always a party in the line out front - we aren't ever really sure when the first person gets here, but we know the line gets long early!

Do you sell out of stuff? Yup. But no worries, not all of it! We have sooooo much cuteness that it lasts ALL DAY. Now, some of it definitely sells out - but don't stress if you can't make it until the afternoon! There's plenty of goodness to go around!

Can I pre-order, or call in? Nope, sorry! This is in person goodness only! If you aren't able to make it to our store, maybe you have a good friend that's willing to do some shopping for you with your $$!

What all will be at Sample Sale? We've brought in thousands of Caden Lane's best selling accessory items (think bibs, burps, hooded towels, blankets, crib bedding... the list goes on and on)... plus we have RACKS, and i mean RACKS, of the cutest apparel ever - infant and toddler sizes - all 50% OFF!

What will be 75% off? So you know that entire sale section in our store? The one with all the cute clothes from last season? Yup. That's 75% off. And when we say it goes fast - well, imagine women with arm fulls of the cutest clothes ever!

How do I win a spot in line? Or early Access? Check out our insta and facebook and look for the post where you can comment, like, tag, and share for your chance to WIN! 

sample sale 2019 nursery couture

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